About Exact

An Overview of How Exact Scientific Services Provides a Higher Standard of Laboratory Testing

Promise:  To provide a higher standard in laboratory testing to help clients succeed through safe, compliant, and profitable products.

Mission: To serve food, nutraceutical, environmental, agricultural, and other clients with:

Chemistry and Microbiological Testing and Compliance
       - Safe new/existing products for consumer protection, avoidance of legal and regulatory issues
Testing Interpretation 
                - Objectively validates products are what they say they are
Industry Resourcing and Client Education to Assist with Product Marketing
                - Certifications and product development
Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) Programs and Documentation 
                - Why and how testing is done, safety and compliance issues, legal ramifications, product profitability

Hallmarks and Competencies: To be a uniquely accurate and reliable testing partner, beyond testing results

Accurate - ISO 17025 and Other Key Certifications and Proficiencies: You are assured each sample is tested under strict SQF, BRC, FDA, dietary supplement, environmental and agricultural guidelines…

-One of the select few ISO 17025 certified microbiology/chemistry test labs
-ISO WA lab certified for USP methods for supplement companies, rancidity/fatty acid profile testing, and protein
-ANAB,  WSDOE, AOCS, LGC, Phenova, and NAPT status
-Samples tested when received and not held for batch testing.
-Staffing with over 40 years’ experience in analytical methods.

Reliable - We Treat your samples like they are our own.: You can count on fast turnaround, after hours testing, 365 days/year availability and results delivered in a timely manner…

-Samples placed in their queue, and analysis started, the day of delivery
-Use of advanced technology and analytical methodology
-Out of area samples often received within 24 hours at ground rate; local deliveries
-Results available via email and online (secured basis) the day testing is completed

Testing Partner - With Your Needs and Budgets in Mind: You can expect us to go beyond testing and be a resource  to help troubleshoot, develop profitable products, and work on a personal basis to meet your unique needs and budgets…

-A personal team that connects clients to experts, not machines
-365 day/year, after hours testing options that puts client scheduling ahead of our own
-Results delivered per client preference: Email, online (secured), phone, in-person
-Needs-based troubleshooting, education, and product marketing resources at no additional cost
-Competitive and affordable, based on individual needs – and not beyond – while providing all needed assurances