Botanicals/Dietary Supplements

Reliable, Fast Results for Testing Botanicals and Dietary Supplements

We provide quality analytical services for the dietary supplement, functional food and natural product industries.  We are committed to rapid turnaround time, technical support, personal service and quality results for your dietary supplement testing needs.  Our methods can be applied to raw materials, extracts and finished product samples.

Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) regulations for dietary supplements require that companies that manufacture, package, label or hold dietary supplements, assure the identify, purity, strength, and composition.  The requirements include provisions related to quality control procedures and testing final product or incoming and in-process materials.
Three important goals for product testing are quality, safety and efficacy.  Most importantly, dietary ingredients should be tested to ensure they are safe for human consumption.  While safety is the most important aspect in manufacturing, dietary supplement companies also need to demonstrate their products' efficacy in order to make truthful and not misleading health claims.

Exact Scientific Services' experience in working with supplement companies can help provide the necessary testing to meet these requirements.

"Exact is conscientious and efficient, they are very helpful and they take the time to discuss our concerns and problems. When we work with Exact, they treat us as their most important client.  Like we do, you get a real person, not a machine.  Whenever I call, I always get someone to talk with. And usually, the owners of labs will not come into the trenches, but Kent does. Finally, Exact picks up our samples, which is a really good service. Otherwise, it would be an extra hour of our time."
- Mike Kaminski, Director of Quality Assurance, Barleans Organic Oils

Analyses available*

Heavy Metals
Fatty Acid Profile
Pesticide Residues    
Sugar Profiles
Identity Testing
Label Verification
Nutritional Facts
Preservative Challenge
Shelf Life












*Analysis capabilites not

  limited to list provided