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Exact Scientific Services offers DNA sequencing services using a non-targeted whole sample DNA sequencing technique, as well as traditional PCR-based methods depending on your needs. Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technology allows us to sequence and analyze your samples accurately and with a fast turn-around time.

The difference between traditional PCR-based and non-target whole sample method

How does the non-target whole sample method work?

Our approach is to directly sequence DNA extracted from a sample, bypassing the traditional PCR amplification of targeted genes or regions within the DNA. The distinct advantage of this method is that well known problems with the amplification step, such as amplification bias and false positives, can be avoided. An added advantage to the non-targeted approach is that trace contaminants and unexpected inclusions can be more easily discriminated from true adulterations. In forming a partnership with Pacific Northwest Genomics and Practical Informatics we have developed a proprietary data analysis pipeline to streamline identifications, utilizing this approach to ensure accuracy.

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Sample types we can provide services for include:


Bacteria- single or co-cultures


Environmental swabs


Water metagenomics


Naturally fermented or cultured products


Botanical raw materials


Seafood identifications


**The list above is not comprehensive. If you have specific needs that would benefit from high-throughput DNA sequencing, we are willing to work with you to develop custom methods.


DNA Sequencing Services Information Sheet