What Our Clients are Saying

Importance of ISO Accreditation

"ISO Certification helps us when we have internal audits and they ask us if our lab has certifications. The ISO speaks volumes and helps us a lot."  
- Mike Kaminski, Director of Quality Assurance, Barleans Organic Oils
"Our customer base is a huge reason to have third-party ISO certification. Customers are everything in the food industry. ISO is also gaining in importance in our audits. A third-party lab negates the potential for conflict of interest, and an ISO certified lab negates any concerns for testing procedures."     
 - Laura Macaulay, Quality Assurance Manager, Enfield Farms, Lynden, WA
As the Quality Assurance and Regulatory Specialist for a major dietary supplements manufacturing client and other key clients have told us, "We are very happy that Exact has become ISO17025 certified because it is beneficial as part of the dietary supplement regulations (21 CFR 111) to qualify vendors and third-party labs." 
  - Nutraceutical Company

Our Commitment to a Higher Level of Service

“Exact is definitely prompt, has excellent customer service, and is very thorough in their testing. We had asked Exact to test some samples we had tested ourselves, and found them to be extremely accurate.”
         -Mitch Moorlag, General Manager, Edaleen Dairy 
"Exact is conscientious and efficient, they are very helpful and they take the time to discuss our concerns and problems. When we work with Exact, they treat us as their most important client.  Like we do, you get a real person, not a machine.  Whenever I call, I always get someone to talk with. And usually, the owners of labs will not come into the trenches, but Kent does. Finally, Exact picks up our samples, which is a really good service. Otherwise, it would be an extra hour of our time."
         - Mike Kaminski, Director of Quality Assurance, Barleans Organic Oils
“Exact is above average in being helpful. They are prompt, follow-up well, and are flexible. If I need an emergency pick-up, it is never a problem. Exact also has the rapid testing capabilities that not all labs have, and so can provide faster or more accurate testing if needed at the local lab level.  It also helps to be able to call Kent for his input to amend and review certain SOP procedures for sampling. Recently, he helped me feel confident by reviewing our procedures regarding a SOP for environmental testing and corrective action if we were to have a positive Listeria.’  It helps to be able to get input from one who specializes in testing procedures; Kent is generous in his help."
          - Laura Macaulay, Quality Assurance Manager, Enfield Farms, Lynden, WA
"Exact Scientific is unique among its competitors, at least in my experience, in their willingness to help us in troubleshooting to find the answer to a problem. They take more time to give us extraordinary service, and don't even charge for their suggestions!  They are nice to deal with and friendly, even though we could be seen as pains with our demands. All of them, from Alisa on the phone, to Kent, the owner, are likable people. And they are responsive to our needs, very accommodating, and helpful. If the test results are not what we expected, they will investigate and retest, and go to lengths to make sure everything is accurate and that we are satisfied. I really like working with them and would highly recommend the lab."
   - Danni Rogers, Quality Assurance and Regulatory Specialist, Flora Health
"Exact is trustworthy - we ultimately buy from people we trust and since I trust Kent, the owner, I can also trust that everyone in the lab will do quality work; accessible - when I call, I know I can talk with Kent when needed; reliable - what he says he will do, he will do; his service consistently goes above and beyond."
           - Beverly Emerson, President, Olive Tree Product Development