Metals / Minerals

Swift and Safe Sample Analysis

Our laboratory has the instrumentation to determine the chemical composition of almost any product.  The metals analysis group at Exact Scientific Services, Inc., with its ICP-MS ELAN DRC-e technology, has a robust system with uncompromised sensitivity and performance.

Using ICP-MS we can determine a multitude of metals and minerals at low-level limits, satisfying your needs for Prop 65, FDA regulations, and your customer requests.

With our LECO Mercury Analyzer, we can rapidly determine mercury levels without dissolving the sample, offering a very fast turnaround from sample receipt to results.

Our LECO Carbon/Nitrogen Analyzer rapidly produces a protein analysis.  With no digestion needed, we can analyze a sample for protein within 30 minutes.

Discrete analysis is a technology relatively new to the industrial market. Special robotics and automated syringes/pumps are used to mix samples and color reagents together, and the resultant color formation is analyzed by a colorimeter/photometer.   With our Discrete Analyzer we can analyze up to 200 samples per hour.

Chemical Nomenclature  
Chemical Nomenclature  
 Element Element
Aluminum Al Molybdenum        Mo Alkalinity Acetic Acid
Antimony Sb Nickel Ni Ammonia L-Malic Acid
Arsenic As Phosphorus P Chloride Sulfite, Free
Barium Ba Potassium K Cyanide Sulfite, Total
Beryllium Be Selenium Se Nitrite Glucose/Fructose
Boron B Silicon Si Nitrate  
Cadmium Cd Silver Ag Orthophosphate  
Calcium Ca Sodium Na Phenol  
Chromium Cr Strontium Sr Silica  
Cobalt Co Sulfur S Sulfate  
Copper Cu Thallium Tl TKN  
Iron Fe Tin Sn T. Phosphorus  
Lead Pb Titanium Ti    
Magnesium        Mg Vanadium V  
Manganese    Mn Zinc Zn  
Mercury Hg  


Perkin Elmer Elan DRC-e

Shimadzu AA-6800

Dohrmann Phoenix 8000 TOC Analyzer


LECO AMA254 Mercury Analyzer

Anton Paar Multiwave 300

Astoria Pacific Discrete Analyzer (2)

Shimadzu IRPrestrige 21

Genesys 10S UV/VIS

Aqualab Water Activity

Aqua Counter AQ-300 Karl Fischer

Hanna Autotitrator