"Exact is trustworthy - we ultimately buy from people we trust and since I trust Kent, the owner, I can also trust that everyone in the lab will do quality work; accessible - when I call, I know I can talk with Kent when needed; reliable - what he says he will do, he will do; his service consistently goes above and beyond."
- Beverly Emerson, President, Olive Tree Product Development 

Our staff provides our clients with a unique blend of analytical excellence and customer service.  Exact Scientific encourages its employees to improve their understanding of the technical and regulatory issues confronting our customers and our company.    Our staff is encouraged to use its ability to sense and evaluate a situation intuitively and have the instinctive ability to know how to proceed to maximize the benefit from the situation.  Exact Scientific operations are streamlined to run with adequate staffing and resources to meet or exceed the clients' reporting, quality and service needs.

Personalized Customer Service

It is a one-on-one approach to dealing with customers.  It requires understanding the customer's specific needs, customizing the approach to the request, and providing the service in such a way that each and every customer knows he or she is important

Commitment to Quality

Quality includes a commitment to certain fundamental ideals, like personalized customer care, excellence in science, and highly effective operations.
It lies in geographic coverage, diversity of products and services, and economies of scale – all of which means being where our clients are with a variety of services at competitive rates.
And, our vision lies in a commitment to our staff, whose technical skills and capabilities will help us advance in partnership with our clients.

Dedicated to your success…

Client responsiveness
Exact Scientific is built upon a strong customer service. Our responsiveness extends from the speed, with which services are delivered, to the way in which services are developed and designed to meet ever-changing customer requirements.

Unparalleled expertise
Years of experience, a detailed understanding of standards, test methods, and comprehensive training programs means that clients receive the most professional and consistent service.

Local knowledge
A detailed knowledge of local legislation, culture and market conditions means that Exact Scientific can give clients the competitive advantage they need to operate in the diverse markets in which they both sell and source their products.